Our Online Library

Our online library is the main digital repository for Macdonald Associates Consultancy’s materials. It is the companion to the full MAC website which provides a review of the theoretical background to MAC’s work; the services it provides; and examples of the impressive results they have achieved over more than thirty years of practice. It can be found here: Macdonald Associates Website.


In this online library there are three sources of information:

Public Library

The Public Library provides freely available material that can be downloaded and used within the restrictions shown on the Public Library page.

Members’ Library

The Members’ Library is password-protected and is only available to a limited group of people who have been specifically authorised by Macdonald Associates.

Macdonald Associates’ Publications

The Publications page provides links to three of the most important and recent publications about our work. The first, Creating Positive Organisations 2nd Edition (2018) provides comprehensive coverage of the complete theory, concepts and models that go to make up Systems Leadership. It also contains numerous practical worked examples.

The second book, Improving Schools Using Systems Leadership:Turning Intention into Reality (2019), demonstrates how effective Systems Leadership modelling can be in the educational sector.

The most recent book is Organisations and Leadership during Covid19: Studies Using Systems Leadership Theory (2021). All of us have direct experience of how the Covid-19 Pandemic has affected the world around us, our families, the people with whom we interact and work and the different regions and countries where we live. These experiences are part of a universal shared context. This study concerns a particular aspect of that context – organisational and leadership responses to the Pandemic. The purpose of this book is to demonstrate how the body of knowledge known as Systems Leadership can be used to better explain why organisational and leadership responses to the Covid-19 Pandemic were effective (or not). Examples will demonstrate good practice but also help understand why some were less successful.