Organisations and Leadership during Covid19: Studies Using Systems Leadership Theory

Published by Systems Leadership Development Association (2021).

All of us have direct experience of how the Covid-19 Pandemic has affected the world around us, our families, the people with whom we interact and work and the different regions and countries where we live. These experiences are part of a universal shared context. This study concerns a particular aspect of that context – organisational and leadership responses to the Pandemic. The purpose of this book is to demonstrate how the body of knowledge known as Systems Leadership can be used to better explain why organisational and leadership responses to the Covid-19 Pandemic were effective (or not). Examples will demonstrate good practice but also help understand why some were less successful.

MacDonald Barnett McGill (author), Highfield Farrands Dixon (author), Chaston & Mitchell Palmer (author).

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Improving Schools Using Systems Leadership:Turning Intention into Reality

Published by Routledge in July (2019).

The book explains how Systems Leadership has been applied in schools, particularly in Far North Queensland, to bring clarity to the purpose, structure and systems within a school and have a major impact on its success.

The authors, Ian Macdonald, Clive Dixon and Tony Tiplady have presented the book at conferences and copies are selling well.

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Creating Positive Organisations 2nd Edition (2018)

The second edition of Systems Leadership: Creating Positive Organisations (2018) is now available to buy.

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Client Reviews of the 2nd Edition (2018)


“A welcome complement to the first edition, this book should be the top-drawer practical text for all leaders. It reinforces the case for primacy of human over technical systems, and the importance of trust among employees as the outcome of an effective culture.”

David Murray

former Chief Executive Officer of Commonwealth Bank of Australia



“This is a timely and important book that contributes significantly to our understanding and development of positive organisations. Built on rock-solid theoretical foundations, this book offers much to both academics and practitioners and provides a rigorous and coherent approach which will support all those interested in helping organisations and individuals fulfil their potential.”

Professor Andy Adcroft

Deputy Dean, Surrey Business School



“Leadership of complex organisations like the NHS needs to marry people and systems thinking, sound theory and learning through application. They are here in one excellent book.”

Alan Willson

Associate Director, Aneurin Bevan Continuous Improvement, NHS Wales