Our Public Library

The public library contains a wide-ranging selection of material about Systems Leadership Theory and its application. All these documents are publicly available or have otherwise been released by Macdonald Associates Consultancy for general use.

These documents can be disseminated freely, providing that they are not altered in any way, and providing that the source and copyright are acknowledged as being the property of Macdonald Associates Consultancy.


Case Studies


Mining and Construction

The Century Story

by Joe Grimmond

How Systems Leadership modelling was used in the context of building a major open cut mine in Australia.

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Information Technology

Organising Corporate Computing: A History of the Application of Theory

by Catherine G. Burke and Daniel L. Smith

How the ideas can be used in the context of IT work which, although is concerned with technical knowledge, can only be successful if people understand their work.

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Effective Leadership Programme, Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)

by Geoff McGill

How the ideas were used to develop and build a successful culture of leadership and teamwork in one of Australia’s major banks.

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Mining Maintenance

Inco Limited Divisional Shops

by Fred Stanford

How members of a large company’s component repair shop in Canada transformed their productivity through applying the ideas and eventually successfully competed with external source providers.

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‘A Journey to the Reality of Accountability’

Western Cape College: The First Three Years

by Derek Hunter

How the ideas were applied in the context of state education including a high proportion of indigenous students.

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Metals Industry

The Return to Work Process at Kaiser Aluminium

A Case Study in the Practical Application of System Leadership Modelling

by Phillip Bartlett

After a bitter strike, the return to work process designed by SLT principles avoided the expected conflict and poor productivity.

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The Leadership Programme at Kormilda College

by David Dadswell and Derek Hunter

Description of a training programme used with staff and students to build a new understanding of leadership and teamwork across cultures.

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Metals Industry

New Zealand Aluminium Smelters Limited

by David Brewer

An account of a full application of SLT to bring about one of the most significant changes in New Zealand’s work practices and industrial relations extending to highly significant production savings and improved working relationships.

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Building New Mythologies: Countering Negative Views of “The Management”

Organisational Development Strategy in Pacific Coal

by Phillip Bartlett

Using the ideas in a highly traditional and historically adversarial “them and us” culture to challenge established behaviours and assumptions.

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Parish life in the Anglican Diocese of Perth, Western Australia

The Bellevue-Darlington Story

by Michael Evers and Philip Biggs

A use of the concepts in a highly sensitive Church context where two parishes merged successfully and avoided many usual pitfalls.

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Technical Engineering

Working Together with Engineers

by Roy Feltham

Using the ideas to help a highly knowledgeable technical group to improve their working relationships and “people skills” to become even more effective.

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Short Papers


Our People: Perceptions and Values

In order to build and maintain effective, cohesive teams, leaders need to understand what their team members value.


The Process of Culture Change

It is one thing to create a cohesive team, but as a leader you must be leading people somewhere.


Tools of Leadership

Systems, Symbols & Behaviour


The Role of Dissonance in Culture Change

To change the culture, leaders must introduce changes that create dissonance


Work Complexity

How does the different work at different levels in an organisation add value?


Authority and Accountability

If I am to hold someone accountable for their work, what authority do they need?


Our People: Capability

How do we know that a person can do the job?


Our Behaviour: Teamwork

Effective teamwork is essential to any organisation achieving its vision.


Task Assignment

Both those assigning tasks and those to whom tasks are assigned want the tasks completed. How can that best happen?


What is Work?

Do we know what we mean by work?


Understanding Organisational Change


Leadership: A New Direction


Cultural Transformation: Real Change